April 12-15th, 2017
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World Voice Day 2017

Celebrate world voice day 2017 with voice legend Donald Miller!

Learn more on voice analysis and how you can use it with your patients in your clinic or clients in your studios! Improve vocal fold function and resonance for more power, health and results. This seminar and information will help solve variety of conditions starting with Paralysis, Puberphonia or simple voice use conditions in singing and speaking!

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Full Path four day plan. Begin with the "LEV course": two days of morning to evening education covering the scientific foundations of voice and coaching. This is a highly recommended course – read more about it here. This course will be followed by two full days with Dr. Donald Miller, all together 4 days of voice.

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Weekend with Dr. Donald Miller as part of International Voice Day. Please note that the program is suitable for professionals who are familiar with voice acoustics (Formants and harmonics).

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Key issues

  • "Skilled in sneezing", principle of minimal intervention
  • The "engineer's model," biological variation, and choosing a level of generalization
  • Sharing with pupil/patient, with colleagues; the uses of knowledge (for domination and exclusion)
  • The question of descriptive language, the "spoiled" singing teachers, language for exclusion
  • Method as exclusive cult, the motivation to join the club of admired people
  • Searching for 'scientific' truth, rather than support for one's convictions; thus the experimenter is factored out in "scientific method"

Signals of VoceVista and EGG

  • Spectrum analysis: Spectrogram and power spectrum; harmonics and formants; comparison display in VV; color and intensity
  • Locating formants; the factor of F0; vocal fry etc
  • Formant dominance, formant clusters, measuring harmonic strength
  • EGG: CQ (closed/contact quotient) etc
  • Adjusting the horizontal cursor
  • Getting the delay correct
  • The acoustic impulse from glottal closing
  • Larynx level and laryngeal stability
  • Vibrato rate and extent
  • Simultaneous adjustment: flexible "grip" on breath, adequate flow, vibrato rate etc
  • Registers: laryngeal and acoustic: Figs. 6.1, 6.2
  • Formant tuning, formant tracking
  • 'Chest' voice source and the "knee"

And much more….

Meet Dr. Miller

Donald Gray Miller

Designer and developer of the program VoceVista (Visual Feedback for Instruction in Singing). Began his career as an opera singer and voice teacher. Having completed his formal studies at the Yale University School of Music in his native USA, he continued with singing lessons in Milan and Berlin, making stage appearances in both cities. After a further year's engagement with the Wiener Kammeroper, he joined the faculty of the Syracuse University School of Music, where he taught for over two decades, rising to the rank of professor. During this time he was very active as a bass-baritone, singing over 25 leading roles from the standard repertory, along with many roles in contemporary works.

About | Voice Center Israel

The Voice center Israel was founded this year with a voice team of three women – all voice specialists. The founder Aramat Arnheim-Sharon was determined to inspire voice professionals to start working together and benefit the clients with better communication and combined treatment.

With this goal in mind Dr. Tali Landau and SLP Pnina Erenthal joined the team and now patients who agree to share information can work in session with Aramat or Pnina while recieving guidence from the ENT.

We also collaborate with other specialists in Israel and world wide and we want this website to be full of important connections and information that will inspire more collaborations and more professionals to study and improve the field of VOICE in Israel.

As we take our first steps we hope you join us!

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