April 16th, 2016

World Voice Day

On world voice day we celebrated with free webinars from voice specialists in Israel and world wide!

The event is over and the videos are no longer available – BUT we decided to leave you with a taste of two short lessons…scroll down…enjoy…and we will see you on the next world voice day!.

ה16 באפריל, 2016

יום הקול הבינלאומי

לכבוד יום הקול הבינלאומי – הצענו שיעורים קצרים בחינם "און-ליין" ממומחי קול ואנשי מקצוע בארץ ובעולם!

האירוע הסתיים וקטעי הווידאו אינם זמינים – אבל השארנו לכם מזכרת עם שני קטעים חשובים!! גלגלו למטה…ונתראה ביום הקול הבא!

Enjoy a sneak peak of 2 videos from 2016 world voice day

תהנו ממזכרת של שני קטעי ווידאו מיום הקול הבינלאומי 2016

Meet the 2016 presentors of world voice day

Dr Tali Landau Zemer

MD ENT / Israel

Based in Jerusalem, Dr. Landau Zemer is one of few ENT's in Israel who is not only a laryngologist but also a fellowship trained voice specialist. Under her care are many "vocal athletes" including singers, music students, teachers, public speakers and others.  As the director of the Voice and Swallowing clinic in Hadassah Medical Center she performs vocal folds surgery and voice rehabilitation for patients who require surgical treatment.

Joshua Alamu

Vocal coach / UK

Beginning his now thriving vocal coaching career at the tender age of eighteen, Joshua Alamu was blessed with the opportunity to be mentored by the renowned music industry vocal coaching duo David and Carrie Grant. Joshua runs a highly celebrated artist development program called Ultimate Artists (www.ultimateartists.co.uk) and works with some of the UK's biggest artists and groups such as Little Mix, Fleur East and JP Cooper. Check out more on Joshua here:www.joshuaalamu.com

Mindy Pack

Vocal coach / US

Mindy has been performing since the age of eight. Her original goal in life was to be the world’s first “Singing Heart Surgeon”. Unfortunately, medical school didn’t pan out; so she decided to heal the world through music and as a result, she has been studying different vocal techniques, voice science, and vocal health her entire life. Mindy is part of a an incredible voice team in Salt Lake City with top ENT David Palmer, SLP and Vocologist Karin Titze Cox, and voice scientist and Volcologist Dr. Ingo Titze. For more info on her studio, teaching methods, and clients please visit www.mindypack.com

Pnina Erenthal


Based in Israel, Pnina is one of the only Speech language Pathologists who is also a voice specialist. As head of the language, speech and voice department in Kaplan Medical Center and lecturer at the voice disorders department at the university, she has a lot of knowledge to offer patients with organic and/or functional voice pathologies including singers. At the hospital and at her private practice she helps many patients who underwent phonosurgery, and helps professional voice users to adopt a healthy voice behavior.

Neta Galasky Galili

Psychologist / IL

Based in Tel-Aviv Neta is a psychologist and accepts clients in her private clinic. She has much experience helping performers and singers to maximize their potential and treating issues related to performance such as self-worth, confidence, self- criticism, anxiety and more.


Aramat Arnheim-Sharon

Clinical vocologist / IL

After 10 years as a vocal coach and many studies Aramat is the first clinical vocolgist in Israel and known for her ability to get the most out of her clients voice. She has changed the scene of voice teaching in Israel and continues to do so in the first on line voice center in Israel.


Jacob Liberman

Physical Voice Specialist / MA DO

Internationally acclaimed expert on physical and psychological management of hyper function voice disorders.

As an Osteopath and a Psychotherapist he developed the Lieberman protocol for laryngeal examination and physical treatment to release muscle tension and improve joint movements. He is a member of the voice clinic team at Lewisham University Hospital London and University Klinic Eppendorff in Hamburg Germany.  For further details about his work: www.jacob-lieberman.co.uk

Mark JW Graham

Voice Teacher / UK

Mark is a voice coach based in Nottingham in the UK. He has been making music since he was in his teens, and playing and singing in bands has been a big part of his musical upbringing. Since opening his studio his practice has grown explosively, attracting clients from all over the UK, and globally. Mark has also garnered a reputation not only as an effective and sought-after builder of voices, but as a builder of businesses.

Who we are

The Voice center Israel was founded this year with a voice team of three women – all voice specialists. The founder Aramat Arnheim-Sharon was determined to inspire voice professionals to start working together and benefit the clients with better communication and combined treatment.

With this goal in mind Dr. Tali Landau and SLP Pnina Erenthal joined the team and now patients who agree to share information can work in session with Aramat or Pnina while recieving guidence from the ENT.

We also collaborate with other specialists in Israel and world wide and we want this website to be full of important connections and information that will inspire more collaborations and more professionals to study and improve the field of VOICE in Israel.

As we take our first steps we hope you join us!


Recieve a 360 degree care


Working together for clients


Study of the voice

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